Overview of SUCCESS

Success Framework

Utah’s goal to improve government performance by at least 25 percent isn’t simply rhetoric. A set of tools and concepts known as the SUCCESS Framework have been designed to achieve concrete results. The information that follows is a summary of the framework. Please take advantage of the curriculum, videos, and other information available on the GOMB website to obtain specific information on how to implement many of the concepts articulated below.


Any organization is comprised of multiple factors. People, policies, technology, business processes, performance measures, organization design, strategies, and goals each play a role in organizational performance. When all of these factors work in harmony toward a common goal, organizations can thrive. In contrast, when these factors are misaligned and/or lack focus, organizations underperform.

Aligning all of these variables to achieve maximum system performance is the core of the SUCCESS Framework. Specifically, the framework strives to sequentially and deliberately address the critical variables within an organization to ensure they are working toward the same objectives and goals. Incorporating proven practices from both the private and public sectors, the SUCCESS Framework can help agencies achieve substantive and enduring improvements.

For more information about the SUCCESS Framework, click here.