President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) on November 15, authorizing $1.2 trillion in spending. Unlike ARPA and CARES Act COVID-19 relief funding, IIJA does not provide the state with highly discretionary funding managed on a statewide level. Funds will instead be distributed through new and existing grant programs which are managed at the state agency level. IIJA funding is meant to address long-term investments in transportation, energy, water, broadband, public lands, environmental remediation, and resiliency. 

As a state, we value fiscal responsibility and long-term planning. IIJA funds will be carefully coordinated across state government by the Governor's Office of Planning & Budget (GOPB), and implemented with long-lasting improvements in mind.

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Please report decisions regarding whether or not to pursue funding opportunities here.



With specific questions regarding IIJA opportunities, please contact the appropriate coordination lead listed in the IIJA response organization outline.

For general questions, please contact IIJA Coordinator, Laura Hanson, (, 801-589-8479) or Federal Assistance Management Officer, Taylor Kauffman (, 801-538-1543)