Blueprint Solution


In an effort to transform social services projects, the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget (GOPB) and the state’s social services agencies developed a Blueprint Solution for improved results for customers, employees and taxpayers.



The Blueprint Solution steps are:

  1. Generate capacity
  2. Allocate capacity toward quality work with individuals and families
  3. Implement the right FITT (Frontloading, Intensity, Time, and Type of service) to meet client needs
  4. Formalize Milestone Management to keep all clients and case managers accountable to ambitious timeframes for progress
  5. Synchronize services and milestone management for the most vulnerable clients who are shared across programs

The Blueprint Solution improves how social services are delivered by designing operations to spend the right quality time with individuals and families when they need it. Case management plans focus on achieving one primary goal at a time in an ambitious timeframe. Transformations to programs include both sweeping business process changes as well as supporting technology changes.

GOPB is working with social services programs individually to implement the first four steps of the Blueprint Solution while simultaneously collaborating with five state programs on the fifth step, synchronization. The Synchronization effort will expand to include other state and community social services partners in the future.